artist statement

Tuuli Oikkonen (1989) explores the beauty and difficulty of the human mind through her artworks. She gets the inspiration for the shapes and colours from nature, while themes usually comes from her inner world.

Oikkonen is known working with different tools and techniques. She likes to explore and trust to her intuition with her work. Her way of painting dates back to watercolour painting and she usually likes to work with a very fluid paints. Oikkonen has said that her working is about examine the blank canvas, water, paint and the movement and balance between those. With that she channels out something from within. You find often layered thin paint veils in her work, those reflects the different levels of understanding and experience in life. But Oikkonen wonders:

“I think the technique isn’t that important. When the artwork is finished, its technique is forgotten and replaced with a finished work – colours, shapes, emotions. The work itself makes the piece interesting, technique is just a tool. I think more important is the contents, theme, thought, feeling. I feel that in my art the content chooses it’s technique.”

She loves to work also with different techniques of graphics, ceramics and photographing.

Tuuli Oikkonen currently lives and works in Turku and is a member of the Turku Artists’ Association. However, she has lived most of her life in northern Finland. The north and Nordic nature is a big part of her identity and inevitably influences her visual expression. An important philosophical guideline for her, both as an artist and art educator, is that art belongs to everyone (Dewey, J.).